Michael Pollard

Years of experience: 14

Michael is our lead medical animator/illustrator at MedAnim. His passion for combining art with his love for the sciences, lead him to a degree in Scientific Illustration at the University of Georgia. That was his gateway to Medical Illustration and Animation at the Medical College of Georgia where he received his Masters degree. After school, Michael moved west to Fort Collins, CO to work with Visual Health Solutions. During this time, he was fortunate to work with clients such as The Dr. Oz Show, MSN, Harpo (The Oprah Winfrey show), The Today Show, Healthline, Maquet, Estech, P&G, McKesson, Snell, Relay Health, ABC, COPIC, and many others. After getting married and having three sons, Michael has moved back to GA to be closer to family. As of Fall 2015, Michael is also a part-time instructor at the University of Georgia teaching the next generation of artists digital media techniques and best practices for success in a production artist environment.


Your project needs are always changing. We understand that in an ever changing digital age, our projects need to be delivered in a multitude of formats. We can also work with you to develop your unified visual branding that will set you apart from your competitors..


We have the experience to take your sophisticated problems and turn them into stunning solutions with  the medical/scientific foundation needed to make your project not only beautiful but accurate as well. Contact us for a free proposal on how we can help you take things to the next level and make the impact you're looking for.                     

Our Strength


Utilizing our background encompassing the healthcare and scientific industries, we have a dedicated team that creates visual and written content that will engage your patients, users, readers, etc. We will work for and with you to meet your needs.